As sheriff, my top priorities will be centered on the following four focus areas:


Fighting Crime – We need to be ready to face the growing challenges of fighting the crime that has come to Fayette County.


  • Create a special task force trained to identify cases of child exploitation as well as crimes against the elderly and mentally challenged, and to take drug dealers and gang members off our streets.
  • Conduct school-safety drills involving school officials, parents, and other first responders.
  • Fill all current vacancies within the sheriff’s department and start a reserve-deputy program to assist road deputies by serving warrants, searching for persons, and answering 911 calls.
  • Implementing a scared straight program for youth and teens.


Jail Reform – What we’re doing now isn’t working! We need work programs and rehabilitation to stop the cycle of repeat offenders which costs tax-payer dollars.


  • Make jail time constructive. Inmates will have access to drug and alcohol treatment, mental health programs and classes in financial literacy and/or GED preparation.
  • Implement work programs: Work-release for certain offenders and inmate work programs for others who can clean our streets, cut grass, etc.
  • Implement home confinement: Low risk inmates can wear ankle monitors instead of being kept behind bars at tax-payers’ expense.


Training and Professionalism – Fayette County Citizens deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.


  • Implement mandatory customer service standards for all departments of the sheriff’s office.
  • Train every deputy and correctional officer on how to identify and deal with individuals suffering from mental health issues and addictions.
  • Hire more minorities and encourage women to apply. (Our law enforcement should reflect the community it serves.)
  • Train officers to use non-lethal weapons such as tasers and beanbag shotguns.


Transparency – Public trust is earned by honesty, integrity, and openness.

  • Require body cameras to be worn and turned on while conducting police business.
  • Enact fiscally responsible policies such as jail reform. We can save tax-payer money by reducing the inmate population and keep Fayette County beautiful by having convicted inmates perform litter pick-up and grass-cutting services.
  • Cut wasteful spending.

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